CapitalRegionRentals.com exists to simplify the process of locating and leasing property in the Capital Region of Upstate NY.

Our History

Sam Thompson, Broker/Owner of Thompson Real Estate Team, created capitalregionrentals.com after recognizing some of the inefficiencies of  real estate leasing practices and marketing. Since its creation, this website has assisted thousands of individuals who have leased property in the area, and continues to improve.

What We do

In alignment with our mission statement, we eliminate the need to sift through multiple ads on different websites by offering the largest inventory of available rentals in the Capital Region. We help people make informed, intelligent decisions when it comes to choosing a home. We connect you promptly with a knowledgeable local real estate expert. The best part is, we love what we do!

Meet The Team

Sam is a Licensed Real Estate Broker with years of experience in the local rental property industry. His passion for real estate evolved from research in financial literacy, guidance from local real estate developers, and a burning desire to beat the rat race! Today, Sam owns rental properties and small businesses in the Capital Region. His favorite color is green, and if he could be a super hero he would be Spiderman because he would like to swing through Albany really fast!

Hayden has been a resident of the Capital Region for over ten years. His work ethic, local knowledge and friendly personality make him the best person you could hope meet during your home search. Hayden is a champion basketball player, leading his high school team to a sectional championship in his younger days. His favorite color is blue, and if he could be a super hero he would be Superman so he could serve his community!

Administrative Assistant of Thompson Real Estate Team, Jocelyn connects prospective renters with properties and local real estate experts to show them. She has been part of the team for over a year, and exemplifies professionalism, courtesy and kindness in her daily interactions. Her favorite colors are green and gray, and if she could be a super hero she would be Anpanman! Anpanman saves starving children by letting them eat his head which is made of bread… incredible!